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Fuzhou rain irrigation equipment co., LTD is a professional engaged in product research and development of high efficiency water saving irrigation equipments、Production、Sales,The design of the project、The installation、Technical guidance and after-sales service in the integration of intelligent modern irrigation company。
   Company products are mainly included:Micro-irrigation systems(Drip irrigation and micro irrigation)、Sprinkler irrigation system、Tube filling system、The filtration system、Constant pressure system、Fertilization system、Cucumber and intelligent control systemPE/PVCPlastic pipe fittings, etc。Widely used in agriculture、Forestry、Water conservancy、Landscape、Municipal greening、Greenhouses、Building、Industrial and mining and other industries of water-saving irrigation, cooling and dust removal。2018Years. Won the fujian provincial water resources burea《2018The advanced water conservancy in fujian province


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6.18The 16th China-The channel project results fair
6Month18Day-21Day,The 16th China·The channel project results fair held in fuzhou strait international conference and exhibition center。The fair attracted1500Companies participating,Layout theme pavilion、Comprehensive exhibition area、Professional exhibition three big plate,Were set up120International standard booths and245A space-unit,Focus is big data and the Internet of things、Artificial intelligence、High-end equipment manufacturing、New materials, new energy sources、New energy vehicles、Ecological and environmental protection、Healthy endowment、Service country revitalization strategy、Military and civilian integration、Financial service entity economic ten field project results。??As fujian fuzhou rain suitable irrigation equipment co., LTD
Fuzhou rain irrigation equipment co., LTD——Invitation letter!
Fuzhou rain ZuBo irrigation equipment co., LTD general manager sincerely invite you to attend conference and exhibition center exhibition activities in fuzhou strait,Our company will launch a new efficient water-saving irrigation products and cucumber in equipment and other products,Please you the presence instruction!?The 16th China?The channel project results fair(“6?18”)In the strait of fuzhou international convention and exhibition center(The exhibition time6Month18Solstice21Day)。The current“6?18”By the fujian provincial people's government of the United Nations31The relevant departments、State、The national society(Association)Jointly hosted,Fujian province development and reform commission to undertake,Fujian bidding procurement group co., LTD