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Been engaged in the design of fire prevention and fire retardant coating solutions,Let life safer and better!

Qingyuan city beauty if new material co., LTD., established in2014Years,Is guangdong petrochemical co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary,Located in the beautiful guangzhou garden-Qingyuan city,Adjacent to the qingyuan long lung and silver light hot springs,The environment is exquisite;From guangzhou baiyun international airport only40Kilometers,To go out5Km is on the highway,Traffic geographical advantage is obvious。If the branch adhering to gather petrochemical group mission“With science and technology to create environmental protection product,Make life more secure environment!”,Been engaged in the design of fire prevention and fire retardant coating solutions,Insist to use green environmental protection material,To provide customers with corresponding standard(Such asISO000000-00-0-0-0-03501、GB-8624、BS-476、GB000000-00-0-0-0-02441、BS-5852And so on)The fireproof paint or fire retardant coating products,And flame retardant requirements for customers to provide professional advice and services,Focus on customer value,Common development with customers!

If beauty products

The construction industry

According to fire retardant coating application scenariofClassified as expandable fireproof coating and coating of general fire prevention。Can expansion type fire retardant coatings formed after heating carbon layer,Insulated oxygen,To provide continuous protection for the substrate。Timber、Cement、Fiberglass insulation material the construction industry is the commonly used several kinds of materials。If the familyFPSeries of water-based protective coatings for the building industry bring security environmental protection for protection。

Wood furniture

If the branch wood water-based fire protection coatings(Water-based fire retardant wood coatings)Not only have excellent fire flame retardant performance,Also consider the appearance wood coatings,Processing performance,Ensure that the product fire performance and beautiful appearance,High processing efficiency。

Fabric decoration

If the aqueous flame retardant fabric coating glue for home curtain、The sofa、Provide lasting fire protection mattresses!

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